Yoga Therapy

Nowadays because of Preventive, Curative and Promotive aspects of Yoga it’s becoming very popular. According to Yoga health is an integrated state of body, mind and spirit. To achieve and maintain healthy condition by yogic practices it includes the following,

Purification of nadis by removing the blockages/toxins from the body

Reconditioning of the neuro-muscular and glandular system

However the applied aspect of Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas is not so easy to workout. It requires a qualified Yoga therapist who would guide the patient once he knows the principles of Yoga therapy.

We from Sahasra Yoga take Yoga therapy classes at students’ place at their convenient time by proper consultation and with case history. The main benefit of personal yoga class or one to one session is that, one can expect desired result very early as yoga teacher gives complete concentration on single person at a time. It is more helpful to patient, as they no need to travel anywhere to get trained and it will save time of the practitioner - one has to practice only required specific Yogic techniques at their home only, with our certified Yoga teachers/Yoga therapist.

Yoga strives to increase Self awareness on both physical and psychological levels. Thus Yoga in modern terms can be designated as the technique of Holistic living. Yoga is a practical aid, not a religion. In the practice of Yoga, the ultimate aim is one of self – development and self realization. Where the person understands himself.

Purification of sensory organs and body is the first step to achieve the Self awareness. Yoga is the best technique to purify the body and sensory organs. When a person purifies the sensory organs and body then automatically he can get the awareness about his Mind and Soul. Maharshi Patanjali explains, by the practice of different parts of Yoga the impurities being destroyed, knowledge becomes effulgent up to discrimination. Thus not only Asanas and Pranayama, but also each and every parts of Yoga is helpful to improve Self awareness. Yoga describes about how one to be cool and calm.

As the awareness is knowledge of one’s self and of one’s surroundings - Yoga can teach us by explaining the self, mind and cleanliness of body by different practices like austerity, self study and self surrender to God. Thus by following the proper Yogic techniques, one can overcome illness of the body, and helpful to improve the self awareness and maintain proper mental health.