Itís also known as Work station workout and sometimes it is familiarly known to be Desk Yoga/Chair Yoga. This session is mainly for corporate employees at their workplace itself. It is kind of quick yoga session of 15 to 45 minutes of time to make them healthy and energetic during their whole working duration.

This yoga practices developed and designed mainly by keeping it in our mind that of corporate company employees work pattern and to improve their health with explaining benefits and contra indications of each and every yogic practices. are mainly include some very important body exercise along with proper breathing techniques and it is

Those who working in front of computer for long time, by knowingly or unknowingly if their ergonomics are not good then end of the day one must feel uncomfortable with their body and because of stress one may feel imbalance in mental health. To overcome all these problems of corporate sector this Chair Yoga is very helpful.

This session starts with few standing warm up practice, sitting on chair few effective asanas and pranayama, laughing exercise and proper relaxation like Yoga Nidra